(1) Working title!
I, the undersigned, Marie-Monique Robin, hereby personally undertake to fully reimburse subscribers in the event that production of the film does not take place, for whatever reason.
These are the details of what we are offering:
- The DVD: “special edition” DVD exclusively distributed to subscribers (french and english version) , different from the DVD that will be available commercially. For the price of 30 € (inclusive of taxes), including delivery, the DVD that you pre-buy will be dispatched to the name and address you supplied when you subscribed.
- The link: your online subscription gives you access to the report website. Use this link to follow the production and filmmaking, and cultivate contacts with the people in the film.
- Headcount conditions: for the operation to be carried out successfully, we need a minimum of 500 subscribers. In the event that we fail to reach this figure, we will reimburse your payment. The subscription operation is limited to a maximum of 2,500 people, in the order of their subscription.
-Time limits: the special edition DVD will be distributed to subscribers only, between October and December 2012. The link will be accessible on the site from 15 April 2011 and will be updated until the film is released.