Of all the principles the journalist has a duty to uphold, independence is the most critical, and the hardest to practice. Independence of mind is a personal journey. Material independence - which greatly favors independence of mind - is developed by keeping one’s own interests away from established authorities. One key premise of press agencies is that they forbid corporate and commercial communication. This premise features in the M2R Films charter.
Unlike what those who think “anything goes” or “that’s the way of the world” might wish, independence for a journalist does not simply mean playing victims off against perpetrators, or whistle-blowers off against industrial lobbies, without pronouncing in favor of either party. Among the prevailing clamor, it is often the least-heard voices that carry undisclosable truths. Provided that journalists crosscheck the information they receive, they can encounter citizens who have joined forces in associations, for the purpose of common good. This is precisely how various NGOs came to be associated with my previous enquiries (Organ Snatchers, Death Squads: the French school, Torture made in USA, The School of Suspiscion, The World according to Monsanto), such as the ACAT, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the Internationale Federation for Human Rights, Greenpeace or Collectif JAMAC
ACAT, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the International Federation for Human Rights, Greenpeace and the JAMAC collective...